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Our Highlights

We help our clients maximize their individual and organizational purpose and performance through:


Providing seasoned yet cutting edge quality assurance and effectiveness through a wealth of governmental, corporate, non-profit, academic and organizational expertise.


Improving our client’s ability to lead, manage and participate in a highly diverse and challenging workforce.


Focusing on the client as our sole interest for growth and stability has positioned our company as a leading force in consulting and coaching in diverse arenas around the world.

A key success of McGruder & Associates is our ability to customize the courses we offer and align them to the specific organizational competencies as we meet the needs of our clients.

Our Services

We offer services in Anger Management, Personality Assessment, Conflict Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Change Management, Diversity Assessment, Training and Strategic Planning, Mediation Training and Services, Negotiation Techniques, Executive/Youth Leadership, Classroom Management and much more.

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